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JavaService Downloads

Software Downloads

JavaService is now an ObjectWeb open source project.

For software downloads, please
Go To the ObjectWeb Site

Given the positive move to ObjectWeb, all software downloads are now to be performed from the JavaService project site. This provides a centralised location for all activities relating to the JavaService project, covering downloads, documentation, source control and on-line support facilities.

The JavaService utility may be downloaded as a zip-format archive containing either the binary distribution or a source-based development distribution. Both formats contain documentation and sample files to show use of the utility.

The versions available prior to JavaService becoming an ObjectWeb project are described below. For downloads of the actual ZIP files, please go directly to the download page for the JavaService project under GForge.

Version Date Binary Distribution Source Distribution
V1.2.0 April 2001 See www.alexandriasc.com/software/JavaService
V1.2.1 November 2002 JavaService-bin-1.2.1.zip (51KB) JavaService-src-1.2.1.zip (70KB)
V1.2.2 May 2003 JavaService-bin-1.2.2.zip (52KB) JavaService-src-1.2.2.zip (72KB)
V1.2.3 July 2003 JavaService-bin-1.2.3.zip (78KB) JavaService-src-1.2.3.zip (112KB)

By downloading this product software, you agree to abide by the terms of the licence that it is distributed under.

Modification History

A more detailed version history file is included with the documentation as a part of the software download (binary and source versions). Highlights of the most recent changes are listed here.


At this time, the most recent version of the JavaService software available from the Alexandria web site is V1.2.0.


This is the first modified version from Multiplan and includes the following changes:

  • Add NT service dependency, to ensure database/other service is started before the Java service starts
  • Change format of console messages generated when running the utility program
  • Correct minor fault found in an earlier modification to the code, which showed up in testing
  • Include sample files to run the Orion Application Server as an NT Service


This was the subsequent version from Multiplan and includes the following further changes:

  • Add option to specify manual service startup, as an alternative to the default automatic startup mode
  • Include sample files to run the JBoss 3.x server software as an NT Service


This is the latest version from Multiplan and includes the following changes:

  • Version numbering now built-in to the application from source code definitions.
  • Documentation restructured and extended, to include an FAQ and framed entry page.
  • Source code mildly refactored to try and reduce possibiliy for run-time errors.
  • Program now supports a command line -version option to report version number and copyright.
  • Downloads now include a debug version of the software build as well as the standard release build.

Future Developments

All further development of the JavaService software is to be performed under the GForge project site on ObjectWeb.